ESRA, also gives training classes with level III instructors in this following areas:

• X Ray
• Ultrasound
• Eddy Currents
• Magnetical Particle
• Penetrating Liquid
• Corrosion Control
• Sealing

Informations: Qualidade Aeronáutica
Hydraulic and Mechanical Wheels
ESRA ENGENHARIA AERONÁUTICA acts in the repair and deep modification of the hydraulic and mechanical wheels of displacement of helicopters as the 355 - Bell, Bk117 and others since 1994. Our maintenance of hydraulic sector is capable to repair and if necessary to reconstruct the damaged part of the equipment improving its performance and durability. The components are manufactured by ESRA and put at the disposal of the customers for delivery in up to 72 hours. The repaired wheels receive guarantee of 01 year plus orientation material on the correct procedures of use in order to extend its useful life. Before the delivery, the equipment are tested with a load of up to 6 tons during 48 hours guaranteeing the customer that its wheel is in perfect conditions of use and functioning. Details as these that make of ESRA a company capable to offer products and trustworthy services with quality to its customers. That is why we are the supplier of companies as Helibrás S/A, Eurocopter, the Military Policies of the States of São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Pará, Federal District, Aeromil, Unimed, Real Bank, LRC, amongst others. ESRA ENGENHARIA AERONÁUTICA uses all its structure to search the best solution, with the adjusted quality, looking for the total satisfaction of its customers, as well as collaborating with the national technological development.

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Special Welds
The aerospace weld is one of the services offere for ESRA ENGENHARIA AERONÁUTICA. Following the norms international we carry through welds in materials as titanium, aluminum and steel. The inspection is made by magnetic particles, penetrating liquid and X rays providing maximum quality and guarantee of the service in new products or repairs. These cares prevent imperfections that can cause the loss of the aircraft, its main components, the command of flight, imperfections in the systems of armaments and fuel tanks and cause high tensions of fatigue or impact. Beyond the national and international norms the company has internal procedures to guarantee still more the quality of the services. For in such a way, ESRA only has a special room only for these services with controlled temperature and relative humidity for each type of weld and material, modern equipment to propitiate the total control of the welding parameters. Also the employees who operate these equipment have more than 30 years of experience what guarantees the perfection of the weld. For the repair of tubular structures we use equipment of ultrasound for measures of material discontinuity (imperfections) and the boroscope for the verification of the internal conditions. Everything always aiming at the security, the quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

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